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2022 Edition Survey Highlights Released

Financial and Insurance Conference Professionals (FICP), Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) and Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE), along with research partner Oxford Economics, are proud to announce the release of survey highlights from the 2022 edition of their joint survey of the global incentive travel market: the Incentive Travel Index (ITI).

Formerly the Incentive Travel Industry Index, the ITI study is the business events industry’s most authoritative study of the global incentive travel market and its impact on corporations, agencies and the supply chain in destinations. Now in its fourth year, the ITI comes with a new visual identity and a completely redesigned survey instrument.

ITI 2022

The latest views on the future of incentive travel from over 1,400 global industry participants.

Findings from the ITI 2020 research


Re-orient programs to manage risk

Safety is the watchword and buyers are making key changes to future programs. Sanitation and health security have joined emergency preparedness as top risk management strategies.

Renewed prestige of travel

A year without travel has sharpened our appreciation. Confirming travel's intrinsic merits and elevated the prestige of travel as a prize. When the time comes, our appreciation of travel will help fuel the recovery. This is borne out in the survey as the desire for travel is far and away the greatest net positive factor expected to influence the recovery.

Recovery timeline

Recovery expectations hinge on virus containment. A majority of respondents expect a one to two year recovery of incentive travel once post-COVID conditions are reached.

Global Response Base

100+ countries represented by survey respondents

While North America, traditionally the "stronghold" for incentive travel, accounted for the single largest regional response base, more responses overall, were received from outside North America.

Prior Editions

ITII 2020

Results of a global survey of incentive travel professionals conducted during September to October 2020.

ITII 2019

Results of a global survey of incentive travel professionals conducted July-August 2019.

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